1st September 2008... The Brisbane Sound: fact or fiction?

'The Brisbane Sound: fact or fiction?' will be the final lecture in the spring semester 'Cultures of Popular Music Seminar Series' at Griffith University in Brisbane. The lecture takes place on Monday 27th October 2008 at Griffith Graduate Centre, Queensland College of Art, South Bank, Brisbane and will be given by David Pestorius. The abstract for this lecture is reproduced below.

Further information and a full list of lectures can be seen on the Griffith University website.

lecture abstract:

The Brisbane Sound: fact or fiction?
In the early 1980s the term the Brisbane Sound began to gain a certain currency in what had by that time become a translocal independent music scene. That is to say, a network of inter-city associations and affinities, not just in Australia but internationally, involving so-called alternative popular music groups, DIY record labels, venues, promoters, universities, radio stations, record shops, critics, publications and, of course, fans. Yet from its inception the appellation the Brisbane Sound was subject to challenge, its ontological basis contested. Was there truly such a thing as the Brisbane Sound? Was it a genuine invention of critics who found something regionally distinctive and in line with rock n roll parlance (eg. the Mersey Sound, Boston Sound, etc.) tagged it accordingly? Or was it a kind of self-styling created by those whose interests it served to identify, galvanise and promote? Or was it a little bit of both?

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