3rd September 2008... New Amanda Brown album Son Of A Lion and new MySpace page

Son Of A Lion cover

Son Of A Lion is a new independent Australian film directed by first-time director Benjamin Gilmour, about a young Pashtun boy who wants to go to school rather than follow his father in the gun trade. The warm, ambient and stunningly atmospheric score was composed by Amanda Brown (ex-Go-Betweens), and features local Afghan musicians on several tracks. The album includes an exceptional, and exceptionally rare, 16 and a 1/2 minute track from English ethno-musicologist John Baily.

The album also features two specially commissioned remixes not included in the film, one made by the film’s director under the guise of the Tiki Two, and another by local Sydney producer Tony Buchen. The film has has been officially selected for the prestigious Berlinale 2008, as well as international film festivals in Pusan, Marrakech, Edinburgh, Seattle and Durban.

Amanda also features on the recent album by Youth Group, The Night Is Ours.

Amanda Brown also has a new MySpace page.

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